About the "Heart Clothing Earth" design

The "Heart Clothing Earth" design is based around the "azimuthal equidistant" map of our Earth and shows all countries, which is good to see no one left out.

The word "HEART" has been written around the outer edge, encapsulating the map. The word "EARTH" can be read in that ring also as "earth" is an anagram of "heart". So the HEART encapsulates EARTH twice in this design and your heart will beat from behind it when the shirt is worn, creating a beautiful trinity of heart clothing Earth as read from left to right around the bottom of the design. 

You can also pick out other great words such as "ART", "THE ART","EAR" and "HEAR" etc. all resonating with "goodness" towards our Earth.

The design is intended for the healing of any sickness and trauma associated with us and our earth.

You've just got to love her, and it is time to share the awareness that we all need healing.