Australian made Eco and human friendly water based inks

Australian made water based inks have improved massively in recent years and are superior to other inks for 7 main reasons:

ECO Friendly: Completely free from harmful ozone depleting chemicals and aromatic hydrocarbons.

Human Friendly: No plastics, harmful chemicals, or aromatic hydrocarbons come in contact with our skin.

Printer Friendly: No harsh chemicals or solvents needed when cleaning up from the printing process.

Softer Feel: The ink penetrates deeper into the fabric than plastisol that just sits on top. This gives unparalleled softness, flexibility, and is better for sensitive skin.

Longer Lasting: As the ink sits deeper in the fabric, then the print will last longer.

Higher Quality: As The ink sits deeper then you will get better detail  that is more defined with sharper edges.

Breathing Prints: The prints are water based, so the prints "breathe" more organically, as opposed to plastisol not breathing and giving your body a sweaty reaction.