Bamboo Textiles Australia

Reputable Australian supplier of high quality Eco Friendly Bamboo products sourced from reputable and highly certified Chinese bamboo suppliers and producers.

Bamboo is Fully Sustainable:

Many of the bamboo forests used have been there for hundreds of years and naturally regenerate themselves without the need for pesticides.

Bamboo yarns and textiles are produced without the use of dangerous and toxic chemicals so when you are finished with the clothing it can go back to the Earth without polluting it.

You especially won't pollute your body with chemical laden clothing!

Anti-bacterial properties:

Grown for millenia in Asia without the use of pesticides, bamboo is very rarely attacked by pests and not susceptible to diseases.

Japanese scientists have found a unique anti-bacterial agent of bamboo called "Bamboo kun" to be mainly responsible for this.

Experiments have shown, and particularly in one, a 99.8% reduction of introduced bacteria within 24 hours, where the cotton fabric had a substantial increase in bacteria.

Reference: Anti bacteria test FZ/T 01021-92 - conducted July 2003.

Countless "every day" people bare their own testimonies all over the internet to reduction in odour also.

Some real world experiences can be found in the Bamboo Textiles fan-mail here:

The anti-bacterial properties combined with being around 4 x more absorbant than cotton naturally leads to greatly reduced odour, making Bamboo clothing a great choice for healthy clothing and feeling good.